What is the $500 deposit? Does it count towards the rental fee?

The $500 deposit is required to confirm any reservation. It is due at time of reservation. If you are reserving for both homes, two deposits are required. The deposit does NOT count towards the rental fee and is used as a security deposit. Upon departure, if everything checks out well in the house, we will send it back within seven days.

Does Floating Holiday accept checks, credit cards, PayPal, etc.?

Payment can be accepted in a variety of ways. Typically, payment is received in the form of a check. This is the most convenient method, but we do offer other ways to pay. We have the capability to accept payment through a credit card, but there is an additional fee that will be added to the total bill. Similarly, PayPal is accepted but there is an additional fee.

Does Floating Holiday provide a boat?

A boat is required to gain access to the house. There is no other way to get to the house other than by boat. Floating Holiday does NOT provide a boat. We do NOT rent boats either. However, the marina where we are located, Springs Dock Resort, does rent out a variety of boats including pontoons, party boats, and ski boats. To contact them, visit their website at www.SpringsDock.com.

Are the homes mobile?

The homes cannot be moved. They are NOT houseboats, but floating homes. They are simply a house placed on pontoons then anchored down. Other than by the occasional wave, they do not move.